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Fern Meadows Homeowners Association  

Sidewalk repair is scheduled to start Monday, February 27th. We are asking that residents do not park in front of the park or tennis court during the time that repairs are taking place. This will allow the cement trucks to be able to pass through our narrow streets and to be able to park right in front of where the work will be taking place without having to contend with resident parking. We also encourage you to speak to your children about staying away from the areas of repair until such time that the cement is thoroughly dried. 

~ Respectfully, your BOD.



Are you a you a Nextdoor member? If you  live in Fern Meadows you are invited  to join this private social    network for our neighborhood. Posts are specific to a variety of categories, from Classified to Lost & Found to  Crime and Safety (including Urgent Alerts)Nextdoor is s a free private social networking website and APP you  can download on your phone. It makes it easy to connect with neighbors and build stronger and safer  communities

DISCLAIMER:  The Fern Meadows Facebook page is not ran by the Fern Meadows Homeowners Association Board.  

Meetings & social gatherings announcements are posted on this page, as well as general HOA contact information.  We encourage all Fern Meadows residents to participate in the Fern Meadows page.  

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