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Dear Homeowner:
The Fern Meadows Homeowners’ Association is writing to inform you that, as of March 1, 2017, Advanced Property Management (APM) will no longer be the property management company for Fern Meadows as outlined in our Special Meeting on February 11, 2017.
Any Homeowners’ Association business that homeowners need to conduct as of March 1, 2017, should be directed to the Fern Meadows Board of Directors.  For the time being, the homeowners’ association will be self-managed.  The board may be contacted by email, through the HOA website, or by mail at the address noted above.  Contact information for all board members and committees is located at fernmeadowshoa.com.
Questions regarding accounts and balances may be directed to the board’s treasurer, Kimberly Curtis. (fmhoatreasurer@gmail.com)
Additionally, the board would like to remind homeowners that the HOA’s website is an invaluable resource for association information and concerns.  Recently, online forms were added so that homeowners can reserve the park, update their contact information, and respond to violation notices online.  The board affirms that communication through our website is vital for us to provide the appropriate level of service that our community deserves and expects.
~ Fern Meadows Board of Directors

Fern Meadows Mission Statement

The mission of the Fern Meadows Homeowners Association is to effectively manage the operations of the community in order to preserve property values and foster community spirit.

Homeowner Association Guidelines

The Fern Meadows Homeowners Association is governed by the following documents:

  • Florida Statute Chapter 720
  • Fern Meadows Homeowners Association By-Laws
  • Fern Meadows Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions
  • Fern Meadows Rules & Regulations

Copies of these governing documents can be found in the Governing Documents page of this website.


Are you a you a Nextdoor member? If you  live in Fern Meadows you are invited  to join this private social    network for our neighborhood. Posts are specific to a variety of categories, from Classified to Lost & Found to  Crime and Safety (including Urgent Alerts)Nextdoor is s a free private social networking website and APP you  can download on your phone. It makes it easy to connect with neighbors and build stronger and safer  communities

DISCLAIMER:  The Fern Meadows Facebook page is not ran by the Fern Meadows Homeowners Association Board.   Meetings & social gatherings announcements are posted on this page, as well as general HOA contactinformation.  We encourage all Fern Meadows residents to participate in the Fern Meadows page.  


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