Fern Meadows - Cocoa, FL

Welcome to the Fern Meadows HOA community website.   This site was developed to improve communication with its residents and interested prospects. It is our goal to make it easy for you to access information pertaining to our community and to foster positive and consistent communication between all residents, homeowners, and the volunteer members of the Board of Directors.

Please consider volunteering:
Our  community needs an ARC Chairman. The ARC meets once a month to review ARC submissions.

Please check the "Upcoming Events" page for additional Events & Committee Meetings


May 21st, 2016 at 9:30am
Central Brevard Library
308 Forrest Ave, Cocoa, FL
Please check back often in case of any date change.

The Board tabled the Rules & Regulations and it will be on the agenda at the next Board meeting. Please review the original document posted below. If you have any questions or comments, you will be able to sign in before the meeting to discuss this topic, or any topic that is on the meeting Agenda.
The meeting Agenda will be posted on the Upcoming Events  Page as soon as it is developed.

Agenda results from April 24th meeting:
Minutes to be reviewed & voted on at next board meeting
Unfinished Business:
a.  Removal & replacement of Benches in Common Area. (Wood/composite bench tops approved to a certain spending limit)
b.  Ant Treatment in Playground.
(Tabled to see if Pet Friendly solution could be found)
c.  Pressure Washing Common Area.
New Business:
a.  Rules & Regulations.
(Tabled to address before a different attorney)
b.  Impose Fines on Compliance Violations, Delinquent Dues & Special Assessments.
c.  Enforce Imposed Fines on Compliance Violations, Delinquent Dues & Special Assessment.
d.  Advanced Property Management Full Service Contract.
(Renewed for another 6 months)
e.  Bank of America Account.
(Approved to close accounts & move to Mutual of Omaha)
f.  HOA Attorney Review.
(Consult with a different attorney)
g. Vacant Board Position
(Filled, Kimberly Curtis seated in Treasurer position)
h. Doggie Station
i. Social Committee Requests
(Funds request approved)
j. Beautification Committee Requests
(Funds request approved)

Please try to attend all of our HOA meetings so you can stay informed as to what is happening in our community.

Please note: There are several "Fern Meadows" pages on Facebook. They are not HOA Board run or maintained pages. They are not affiliated with the Fern Meadows HOA Board. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email an HOA Board Member, who will be able to assist you. 

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